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What we do

Childo Education Research and Development Foundation is committed to improving education and quality of life through research and development.

We work on three main fronts: education, life science, and wellbeing. Our goal is to positively impact the world by helping people learn and live better lives.

Our projects include developing innovative educational materials, promoting educational opportunities, conducting medical and awareness camps, and providing skill development courses.

Life Science

Improving Health

Rural communities often have less access to healthcare than urban areas. However, by increasing knowledge about the human body and how it works, we could help improve these communities' health. This would lead to better prevention and treatment of diseases and ultimately to improved health outcomes for rural residents.

Why education research and development is important?

The importance of education research and development lies in its ability to improve our understanding of how children learn and to identify which methods and approaches are most effective in aiding their learning. Education research can also help us develop new and innovative ways to support children who struggle with learning.

Why are we investing in education research and development?

We are investing in education research and development to help children have the opportunity to reach their full potential.

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