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Who are we

Childo Education Research and Development Foundation is a section-8 company incorporated in April 2021.

Our Foundation is an independent non-profit organization that is not affiliated with any particular religion or political party.

How do we generate funds?

We are bootstrapped. We are also planning to generate income through our subsidiary company which will help us become self-sufficient.

How are we governed?

The board of directors is responsible for governing the organization. The organization has a Hierarchical structure with HR, Operations, Research, Fundraising, Volunteer, Business Development, and Creative department.

Board of Directors


Shanthi M

Founder, Shareholder and Managing Director

Owns 60% of shares



CoFounder, Shareholder and Director

Owns 40% of shares

Our Subsidiary Company

DashTree Technologies Private Limited. We currently have 51% of the shares.

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