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World Youth Skills Day: Aspiring, Learning, and Living

"If inexperience is the starting line

then excellence is the reward.

Where there is intrigue and passion

there is skill and achievement."

What is World Youth Skills Day?

It is almost time, can you hear it ringing?

World Youth Skills Day is around the corner. It is the day when we celebrate the potential youth hold regardless of their race, gender, caste, and religious beliefs. They are future builders who aspire not only to dream but also to achieve. This day thus aims at spreading awareness about improving vocational and technical training among youth across the global community.

Assessing the prevailing institutions and trends among students helps in lessening the gap between the employed and unemployed youth. For the same purpose, UNESCO conducted a survey, which concluded that youth are more than three times likely to face unemployment and lower-quality jobs. Alongside this, women were more likely to be underemployed and underpaid. Due to the imminent relevance of addressing this issue, the United Nations adopted this day to advocate skill improvement among youth and women, making it a feature of the Sustainable Development Agenda for the year 2030.

World Youth Skill Day in India

India has a demographic style that recognizes the presence of a large working-class population, thus making the availability of skill development programs crucial. The government has made provisions for the same by introducing the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship (MSDE). It aims to nurture entrepreneurial drive and job creation opportunities. Furthermore, schemes such as 'Make in India,' 'Start-up India,' 'Stand-up India,' and 'Digital India' are all striving to offer skills to the youth working across different sectors.

World Youth Skills Day also marks the sixth year of the launch of 'Skill India Mission.' This mission aims to equip youth with skills that improve their employability chances and makes the working environment more productive.

Impact of the Pandemic

Due to the spread of Coronavirus, many learners drifted towards distance education and online internships to make the best of their time at home. This keeps them occupied and helps them build skills that are necessary for the professional work culture. The learners and teachers are both steadily adapting to the changes in the education environment by changing their curriculum, trainer preparedness, and evaluation and certification methods have been altered significantly. However, this transition was not a smooth ride for many. Statistics suggest that more than one out of six young people are unemployed.

Keep Learning

In times like these, we as learners must not be disheartened and unmotivated. We must strive to do our best and keep learning and finding opportunities for ourselves to grow. Often, we are intimidated by people and circumstances, scared even to move. Yet, despite shivering in our socks, we make our path towards our future. Steadily and giving it our best is what matters.

If you are stuck around till the end, I thank you and wish you luck in your many endeavors.


Written by Aastha Raisurana



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