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What Should Students Who Are Not Used To Getting Low Grades Do?

‘Life doesn’t always turn out the way we want it to.

I am sure that you must have heard this saying at least once in your life and, it definitely holds. We often stumble, encounter challenges, experience setbacks, and unmitigated failures at different stages, but that shouldn't stop you from getting up and hustling again. Sometimes, even our most arduous endeavors do not produce the desired results.

Therefore, it is crucial to realise that life does not come to a halt despite all of its twists and turns because our egregious failures are nothing but potential breakthrough moments. You must deal with this situation without being harsh on yourself to ensure that you get back on track and focus on your goal once again.

The following are some easy and viable steps that may help:

1) Don’t Panic and Calm Yourself.

On receiving negative grades, we easily get stressed and worried, especially if we are not used to it, and assume that we have lost our concentration, intellect, and passion. However, this is not the truth. Everybody makes mistakes along the way. In reality, our failures and missteps are indeed our greatest teachers because they very well guide us about how we can improve and avoid committing the same mistakes in the future. So, if you want to score better next time, just don’t panic and try to calm yourself.

2) Remember That Underperforming Once Won’t Jeopardise Your Entire Academic Career

Our Academic life comprises many distinct exams and not just the ones that we give sitting in classrooms. Other factors that are equally important and determine the success of our academic careers include the influence that we have on our peers at school or college, our relations with our teachers, and most essentially, what are the things we are learning in the classroom. Therefore, assessing our scholastic performance based on just one negative grade is not a fair assumption.

3) Seek Guidance From Your Teacher And Discuss How You Can Improve

Remember, teachers are always there to guide you and for them, there is no greater joy than knowing that their students are willing to learn from their mistakes and improve their grades. You might feel hesitant at first, but believe me, meeting your teacher and discussing your doubts with them can benefit you in a lot of good ways. Your teacher will ensure that this time, you understand the problems you may have overlooked and the concepts you were having difficulty grasping earlier.

4) Next Time, Focus on Studying Efficiently Rather Than Studying For a Longer Period.

Many students believe that studying efficiently entails studying for an incredibly long time. But, that’s not really the case. Investing in more and more time typically loses out to learning with focus and excitement. You can, in fact, utilize this time attempting mock tests as they are an excellent indication of your preparation so far and also guides you about the areas you still need to improve on.

5) Remind yourself to take a short break from studying now and again to refresh your mind.

Students tend to burden themselves with longer periods of studying after one bad experience with grades. Therefore, you need to remind yourself that this practice will not do you any good and will only lead to mental exhaustion. Consider taking a 10-minute rest every hour so that, you can learn and memorise effectively. You can go out for a walk, cook something for yourself, play with your pet, etc. This will help you to refresh your mind and focus better.

Every student needs to understand that negative scores can never define you as a person. The effort we put in to overcome academic difficulties is reflective of our future results. Don’t get discouraged and never stop yourself from marching headfirst towards new challenges because these are nothing but learning experiences for us.

Written By- Reetika Bhatt


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