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The effects of climatic changes on environment

We see many changes around ourselves some are good some are bad. But there are certain changes which we do see but don’t realize their happenings. One of such changes are climatic changes. We do observer the changes in weather conditions but don’t realize climatic changes as such. Climatic changes bring imbalance to our ecosystem and environment. Be it agriculture, fishery, energy, tourism or water climatic changes impact every sphere of human life.

Over last 50 years, the emission of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases has surged because of human activities particularly due to burning of fossil fuels. According to WHO, the global temperature has increased by 0.85 C in last 130 years. Temperature is an essential for living and perhaps on living creatures living on earth. Rising temperature has troubled living beings in many ways. Although there are many consequences of climatic change some major hazardous effects include:

Melting of polar ice: Increase in global temperature has led to melting of glaciers which in turn has raised the sea level. Global sea level is raising by 3.2mm per year. This has also endangered lot of marine life creatures as their habitats has been destroyed. Availability of fresh water may alleviate in the future.

Loss of wildlife species: The climatic changes have not only destroyed marine life it has equally affected the land animals and birds. Many bird species have migrated from their indigenous regions and a lot of them have got extinct.

Change in rainfall pattern: Significant change in rainfall pattern and weather conditions has been observed. Some rivers have dried while other are getting flooded every season.

Changes in wind pattern: Apart from precipitation patterns changes in wind pattern are also observed. Wind hazards like sand storms, hurricanes, prolonged heat waves (which is also causing wildfire in major forest areas) etc. are now and then listed in the news articles.

Soil condition: Changes in soil texture and features are obvious to observe with climatic change. Moreover, Climatic changes have also contributed to desertification and land degradation in many regions of the world. Consequent to these are implications to economic activities including agriculture and related activities.

After discussing about some major environmental issues related to flora and fauna, we realize the need of remedies to those consequences brought by climatic changes. The Paris agreement in 2015 was signed by countries of the world with this aim. It includes countries to move their economies away from fossil fuels, encouraging the use of renewable resources (like solar energy), use of public transport, switching to electric vehicles from petrol/diesel vehicles, protecting oceans from overfishing and oil spilling, reducing use of plastic etc.

Eventually, all the activities are essential but what is more essential is the intent and desire of human being to save earth and its environment from climatic changes. Earth is cosmic gift to living beings and we are most advanced species of the world. The only planet where life exists and where we can live. Let us work together and make this planet a better place of living for the generations to come.

Written by:

Shivanshu Mishra


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