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The Complete Guide to Rote Learning and How to Avoid It to Become a Better Learner

"A B C D E F G H..." We already know the next alphabet.

But do you know the technique you have used in your childhood to learn alphabets? Yes! It's called Rote Learning.

In India, rote learning is the primarily used learning method. So, we'll discuss how rote learning is a necessary evil. It harms the human brain. how to avoid it?

Rote Learning

Rote means ‘Repetition’. It explains ‘What is Rote Learning. So, rote learning means learning by repetition. It means practicing again and again. You repeat a process in series without knowing its practical application.

If you want to understand the rote learning definition; it is a memorization method. Here, a person just memorizes the facts. It's based on the following principle. The more they practice, the quicker they recall the information. People can quickly recall the concepts. but, they do not understand the concept or the principle operating behind any event. The individual does not try to analyze, hence, lacks problem-solving skills. He/she also lack knowledge of practical implication in real life.

Examples of rote learning are- spelling drills, multiplication tables, cramming answers for an exam, mentally repeating names, flashcards.

This article shows you a comparison of retention rates; meaningful learning is better than rote learning.

Positive aspects of Rote Learning

Although the first impression one might get after reading rote learning is not good. Many strongly criticize rote learning. but, every coin has two sides.

Rote learning has several positive aspects too, as listed below:

1. Increased mental health in old age- rote training s find to improve mental health in old age. Such people are less prone to diseases like Alzheimer's.

2. Enhanced Memory span- rote training practices make the brain focus on things for a long. It should be meaningful repetition.

3. Required in many fields- rote learning is required in various fields: lyrics memorization, meaningful prayer recitation, speech practice.

4. Quicker recall of concepts- it helps you to quickly recall concepts using definitions, equations, formulas, mind maps, etc.

Why Rote Learning is not Effective in General

Rote learning is a big hazard to human capacity. Wondering how?

Here, we are going to discuss why avoid rote learning –

· left brain vs right brain controversy- rote learning is effective in left-brained individuals. As per research; the right brain is more inclined toward imagination and creativity.

· Rote learner performs well in the exam. But it hampers a human's personal life. they do not excel in social life as social and emotional aspects of personality are more required

· Rote learning decreases critical thinking skills and mental ability. Hence individuals' professional life is impacted despite good academic performance.

· It lacks multi-sensory involvement as experiential learning. Hence meaningful learning is better. Fun-based learning is a better option.

· Social media addiction- by continuous use of social apps, again and again, we train our brain to become addicted to social media.

How to train your brain for better Memory & Higher Productivity

You have read ‘What is rote learning and why should we avoid it?’. Now, It’s time to uplift your mental ability.

You must be wondering ‘How to train your brain for better memory and higher productivity?’

If you want to grasp information better; you need to understand the basic principle behind concepts. Try to know about the working of a system. You should not mug up terminology.

But for that purpose, our brain needs to be sharp. We need to train our brains to work optimally. That is what brain training software does. It is a software or a game designed to enhance various dimensions of our brain functioning. Examples are language, cognitive ability, problem-solving, reflex action. You will be training your brain while playing these software-based games. Let's see some of the best brain training software.

1. sudoku/- It consists of rows and columns; divided into 3*3 sections. There are a total of 9*9 grids. All these sections and the grid are filled with numbers 1 to 9. Sudoku is a popular brain training game.

2. Lumosity- Lumosity is software that offers you a range of brain training games to enhance your mental abilities. here is more about Lumosity.

3. Crossword-crossword consists of given rows and columns. words have to be guessed as per given clues.

4. Elevate- a popular brain training software designed to improve various aspects of cognitive abilities.

5. Happy neuron- in happy neurons, personalized fun-based games are designed to improve mental ability.

This software gives your brain- enhancement along with entertainment. It sharpens your memory and increases productivity.


Rote learning is a wastage of time, instead, you should try to go for understanding the basic principles behind a concept. We have discussed the meaning of rote learning. Rote learning is a necessary evil. We have discussed both; its positive aspect and ineffectiveness. At last, several brain training games are listed. It helps in better memory and productivity.


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