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Teasing turns into Bullying

The world of technology and internet has expanded so much and has so many benefits. But nothing comes without cons. If something has the capacity to make people happy, it also has the power to make someone sad. cyber bullying is the modern way of raging your anger which has an awful impact on people’s life. It not only influences the mental health or physical health of people, but it also makes a psychological impact. Electronic or digital media harassment is so common these days. But the question that arises is why people do cyber bullying? studies have shown that people do it because of the following reasons -to take out frustration, to take a revenge or maybe just for entertainment purposes. The main platform for cyber bullying is social media. Social media is such a powerful tool which connects people, helps them educate themselves and provides them with a platform where they have freedom to share their views. but it also gives people the choice to shame others, make comments on them and just make people feel bad about themselves.

Common forms of cyber bullying involve mobile phones via text message, phone calls or using the internet via emails, chat room, via websites.

o According to recent statistics – they are currently 4.66 billion active users worldwide. 65.6 percent of the entire world’s population has internet access.

o There are 4.28 billion unique mobile internet users worldwide, which makes up 54.6 percent of the global population.

o Internet users spend an average of 6 hours and 56 minutes online every day.

These statistics show how the internet world is expanding daily and how much engagement does it have.

Cyber bullying is most common amongst youth. Young people these days have access to social media and they are at a stage of physical and mental development which leaves them vulnerable to peer pressure. The motivation behind cyber bullying, as reported by both cyberbullies and non-bullies, included a lack of confidence or the desire to feel better about themselves, a desire for control, finding it entertaining and retaliation.

Studies link cyber bullying to anxiety, depression, substance abuse, sleeping problems, and physical symptoms. There are many popular media stories that highlight an individual who completed suicide after being cyber bullied.

What is important is how to prevent cyber bullying?

1.Keep personal stuff private- people should not be oversharing their personal information online.

2.Think before posting- people should take some time about what they are going to post online so that they do not regret it later.

3.Log out when using public devices- people should be careful about their information when they are using a public device so that their information is not misused in any way.

4.Report cyberbullies- It is important to take a step and report. This includes not only telling you what is happening, but also letting the social media platform, internet service provider, and any other necessary parties know what is going on.


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