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Some Childhood diseases to take care of

Children are prone to diseases. Some childhood diseases are very common to them. And, Parents Should know about various childhood diseases. There can be several reasons for the sickness of the child, but most of them are due to infections from the close surrounding.

Common Childhood Diseases:-

  • Skin Infection:- Skin Infections are very common in childhood due to germs spread from close proximity. Many children encounter skin infections in their childhood. To prevent skin infection one can make sure that the child should wash their hand and face whenever he comes from outside or playing.

  • Common Cold:- Viruses spread the common cold. Runny nose, congestion, and cough are the symptoms of the common cold. Most Children suffer common cold during winter. To avoid this, parents have to keep their children warm. and, if it is severe, consult with the doctor.

  • Pharyngitis:- Pharyngitis can be caused by viruses as well as infections also. Normally, It is automatically cured in 1 week, But If it is not cured, You should take your child to a pediatrician.

  • Acute cystitis:- Acute cystitis also known as urinary tract infection is caused by bacteria. Burning during urination or pain is a symptom of Acute cystitis. In this case, consult with the doctor.

There are many other diseases that a child can face. And, If your child's Sickness has worsened take him/her to Doctor.


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