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Internet Safety is important

Before jumping into Internet safety, we need to know about the internet. Internet is widely used as a medium to obtain information and to share information. The internet has made our lives so easy and fast, but it has many risks attached to it. People need to ensure how they handle the internet. They also need to have awareness.

Internet safety is to assure the user that they are taking care of their personal information and are aware of the risk to their personal information and safety. All of us are so used to our phones, laptops, and other online devices that we don’t realize the amount of time we spent, privacy, security and safety using them, especially youngsters.

Children these days have access to internet and in this growing technology internet has become a necessity. Covid-19 pandemic has made children own a phone. It is important to ensure internet safety for children because it is their growing age and some of the internet content might have a bad influence on them.

Some of the measures that can be taken are-

1. Using safe search engines- It will help in blocking inappropriate adult content and will help kids from seeing immoral content.

2. Scam-a deceptive scheme or trick used to cheat someone out of something, especially money. So be aware of scams mostly sent through emails. Never click any links from untrusted sources

3. Identity theft- this occurs when someone unlawfully gains access to your personal information and misuses it. Never share your personal information like Name, age, gender, address, etc.... especially media files.

4.Cyber bullying- people can end up interacting with cyber bully via chats

and emails which can have an adverse impact on their physical and

mental health. Your parents will never hate you share your problem with them or report to government cyber crime portals like

5. Malware -is a piece of software that is written with the intent of damaging devices and stealing information. Viruses, Trojans, spywares etc are different kinds of malware. Kids can click on a link which can lead to downloading of software and email attachments containing viruses or other malware. Use antivirus software. There are free antivirus software like Malwarebytes.

If you're a parent please use parental control apps, get the login credentials of your children phone as well as social media platforms.

Internet and social media are very important in today’s times to be in

touch with your friends, family and to be up to date. But you need to be

aware of what you post, what you browse, keep strong passwords,

secure your personal information and keep your privacy settings on.

Also if you somehow get into some trouble, do not be scared, try and

talk to someone and report it as soon as possible .Stand up for what is

right and do not indulge in conversations with unnecessary people.

Cyber security protects devices and networks from harm by third parties, online safety or internet safety protects the people using them from harm by the devices and networks through awareness, education, information, and technology.


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