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Importance of Yoga

‘Is Yoga truly beneficial?’

This question arises in everyone’s mind before starting Yoga. Sometimes, even after they start practising. There are many benefits of yoga, but the catch is you can’t expect those benefits instantaneously. Yoga requires consistency; if you can maintain it, you will observe positive changes in your life and lifestyle.

So, let’s discuss some of the importance of Yoga:

  1. Be in the Present Moment – When you do yoga, you focus on your breath. Dealing with your thoughts while yoga and bringing your attention back to breathing makes you learn to live in the present moment. You become aware of the fact that all you have is the moment you are living right now. You shall not sacrifice the present for the future.

  2. Highlights Positive – Some people believe that yoga and meditation can eliminate negativity. But it’s not the truth. It cannot entirely remove negative thoughts. Instead, it helps you to focus on the positive that eventually makes the negative less significant.

  3. Helps to deal with Stress –We live in a fast-paced world where Stress, Anxiety, and Depression are the new normal. It is becoming a necessity to focus on your Mental Health to deal with the same. Yoga aids in reducing stress and anxiety by helping you in taking control of your thought process.

  4. Improved Sleep – Many people these days find it hard to sleep peacefully. Doing certain poses of yoga before sleep makes your body relax. And a relaxed body is more likely to have a better sleep.

  5. Improves Concentration and Productivity – Being busy all day does not necessarily equate to being productive. Lack of concentration and focus makes the one-hour work feel like the whole day’s work. Yoga helps in reducing stress, which in turn enhances focus and productivity in day-to-day activities.

  6. Lower Blood Pressure – Yoga doesn’t only help to improve mental health but physical health as well. Many scientific studies have shown that it helps in reducing high blood pressure.

Written By-

Surbhi Agarwal



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