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Importance of Good Habits for a child

Habit is a repetitive behavior of a person. A child with good habits makes a better person, and A Good person makes society more peaceful and civilized. Children develop their habits from their role models, parents, caretaker.

It is foremost to teach children What is right and what is wrong. So they can differentiate between good and bad habits.

Importance of Good habits-

There are many benefits of having a good habits. A good habits child develops many

Good qualities. These qualities are discussed below.

  • A healthy Child:- A Good health habit includes a healthy diet, physical exercise. A healthy diet fulfills children's daily nutritional requirements, Daily physical exercise will boost their physical activity. Good health habits are very helpful in the growth of the body.

  • Respectful to others:- Everyone deserves respect. Teaching children to become courteous, A courteous child is respectful to others irrespective of their social, financial status.

  • Unnecessary expenditure:- Children should be taught to be responsible with money. So they can avoid unnecessary expenditure.

  • Philozoic:- Animals and birds are living creatures, They can't speak and express themselves like humans. They should treat like any other human being with respect. teaching children about animals they will become animal lover and they can understand nature better.

  • Bibiliophile:- A reading habit is essential for children, This will help in their school and work in later life. Reading helps build a Child’s career, dignity, and success.


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