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How to stand up to a Bully?

Being together with friends at school or home is so much fun. Isn’t it? While surrounded by people around us with whom we talk, play, study and engage in other activities, we realise each one is wired differently. Some are simple, sober, introverted and submissive, while on the other hand, others are dominating, love teasing and make fun of others.

Have you ever been upset because you are the one who had to suffer at the hands of a bully? NOT ANYMORE!

Follow these simple tips to keep the bullies at bay!

1. Steer clear, do not fear

Keeping quiet about what you are facing will make the bully more powerful, so build courage and fight it out head-on once you let the fear out, Chin up and walk ahead as a winner.

2. Speak up. Don’t give up

Do not let anyone take you for a ride. Try to speak to the person about his behaviour and how it is causing discomfort to you. If it still continues, do not shy away from talking it out to your teachers and parents and see how quickly the issue gets resolved.

3. Stand up for others

Being one with any other person being bullied shows that you care.

Even if one person stands up, he can turn around the situation. Be that ONE and keep adding more like you in the tribe so that the people who stand up for others supersede those who bully.

4. Be Assertive

Be firm. Putting up your voice with conviction will set the bully thinking and reflect on his actions. In no way after that will he dare to scare you. Shoo them away!

5. Use humour

Laugh it out, showing that any nasty comment or action does not make any difference to you. Ignoring the bullies and having a hearty laugh over teasers' irritating moves will discourage them from harming you.

Set the ball rolling,

Say a big no to teasing or name calling.

Stand up, speak out

I will win!

Shout out loud😊


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