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Do divorce and separation affect child

A child is grown mutually by their mother and father, So when they decide to not live together, This is an emotional phase for a child. Parents are an important part of a child's life, And if they separate themselves children face many emotional difficulties during this phase like anger, confusion, grief, guilt.

The common problems seen in children when their parents are separating are emotional and psychological.

Effects on Children:-

  • Sense of divide between both parents.

  • They can feel insecure as Parents had to guard them before divorce, and they take care of any problem of the child.

  • Sense of loss as their loved ones are separating.

  • Academic loss as their family is changing and they can be distracted from the study. Distraction led to avoidance of study. Which can cause academic loss for the child.

  • Separation makes the child more vulnerable to mental sickness.

  • Separation of parents affects children socially also. They can avoid social contacts Which can make a loss of interest in social activity.

  • Children whose parents are divorced face a loss of faith in marriage and the unity of a family.

  • 'Why Divorce has happened?' this question can also make more distractions. And, Reasons for separation can feel them guilty.

These are some of the possible effects on the child due to the divorce of a parent. Thus, Yes divorce and separation affect the child.


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