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Covid-19 Impact on Children

Covid-19 Pandemic has a severe impact on children all over the world.This Catastrophic Bio event forced countries to impose lockdown, restrictions on movement to prevent the virus surges.

Over 180 countries around the globe have shut down schools to prevent this pandemic outbreak as their priority. As a result of school closure, the education of 1 billion children was affected severely, 50 million children fell into poverty. Deaths of children occurred more as compare to pre-Covid-19 Year.

Impact on health:-Physical activity is the key to the physical and mental health of children and the overall growth of children. And, this physical activity of children has been disrupted by social distancing, movement restrictions imposed by governments to tackle this pandemic. Since millions of people died in this catastrophic pandemic, Children who lost their loved ones have faced mental health problems.

Impact on Education:- According to UNICEF, At least 46 crore children worldwide weren't able to access remote or distance learning during COVID-19 school closures in 2020. Various measures have been taken to continue learning but lack of skilled teachers in online teaching, lack of smart devices, and not affordable internet or network coverage made a gap between education and children.

Covid-19 has made the loss of jobs to millions due to this children felt poverty and malnutrition. Children of poor families have been impacted heavily as they have faced difficulty fulfillment of their basic needs.


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