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Covid-19 effects on children's mental health

The covid outbreak is a major outbreak after world war 2 in the world. It affected everyone in one or another way. Every person of a different age group is facing its post-effects. Childers and adolescents are also significant sufferers. Many children are suffering from substantial mental issues during the lockdown. In the world, out of 2.8% of the world population, there are 2.2 billion children. They faced most during covid due to several lockdown measures like school closing, staying at home, social distancing, face mask, and sanitization. Children's get overwhelmed when they are asked to sit and lock themselves in homes with their parents without keeping any bond with peers and or friends, which leads to several effects on their mind and mental health. According to research, 50 % of mental disorders cases seen in children in the last four years are due to the pandemic. Although youth are experiencing mental health issues even before pandemic after lockdown, it just exacerbates the issue.āā

Some of the most common problems faced by children's are anxiety, depression. It is due to disruption in social connection and the inability to bond with friends. Children face problems, stress, loneliness, fear due to the prolonged closure of the school, affecting their mental health in their growing days. Children's finds it difficult to sleep, cannot concentrate on studies, poor eating habits, nightmares, and cry for no reason are some of the post covid effects. To save our young generation from such sufferings, parents need to become more attentive towards their children. Parents can identify their child's problems by daily habits like sleeping patterns, constant anger bursts, irritability, isolation regularly, and lack of focus on anything are usual symptoms of mental illness.

A child reflects half of what he has imbibed from his parents' whether it's etiquettes, his behaviour with another person, his nature, and the rest he learns by socializing with different people. Make them understand the importance of meditation, exercise, and sports to have an overall exposure to every aspect of his life. Give them some private space as well so he may accordingly think and make his own decisions.


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