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Child Abuse

Child abuse refers to the mistreatment of a minor (below 18 years of age), whether or not intentionally. And, according to WHO (World Health Organization), there are one hundred crore children who have faced child abuse (physically, emotionally, sexually) in the past year.

Child abuse impacts the physical and mental health of the victim.

Types of Child Abuse:-

  • Physical Abuse:- If, Someone hurts a Child's body. It is physical abuse. Which can cause injuries, pain to the body.

  • Emotional Abuse:- When Someone who cares about a child threatens, neglects, That's emotional abuse.

  • Sexual Abuse:- If a Child is assaulted sexually by a person. It can be a sexual act, contact(sharing, talking erotic content).

How to Prevent Child Abuse:-

Children need more attention and care as they are emotionally sensitive. That's why it is important to notice them, and if there is frequent unusual behavior in the child. This behavior can be the outcome of child abuse.

You can ask the child if anything has happened bad with him. But, if you are too concern you can contact the authorities ex. Police, hospital. They will find out if anything has happened with the child.

There are many NGOs also for preventing child abuse. You can also ask for help from NGOs.

Laws to Stop Sexual Violence against Child in India:-

In 2012 Indian Government passed The Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act (POCSO), 2012 to prevent sexual offences against children. which has a minimum of 5 years imprisonment for sexual assault and after amendment in 2019, there is no provision for bail and maximum punishment under this law is life imprisonment or death.


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