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Are eco-friendly companies a scam?

It might strike as a really fun and exciting concept for companies to offer environmental-friendly products to you, but do you really know whether the products are actually as nature friendly as stated or not? let's jump into the question and find out the answer to the above.


What is an eco-friendly company?

People are becoming increasingly aware of environmental concerns. They have begun to observe the shift in global climate and increase in global crisis. Unfortunately, some of the actions taken to aid the global crisis have made the world worse than it was before. This is primarily because companies are trying to cash on the attitude changes and create or promote their products illegitimately.

These days, being eco-friendly (or environment/nature friendly or simply green) is a sustainability-assuring tactic. It is used by the goods and services industry or by the policymakers to claim decreased or little (often no or perverse) impact on the ecosystems or the environment.

An influx in the supposed "eco-friendly" items has heated the rivalry between businesses. Some companies take a step further and falsely label their products as "eco-friendly". As a result, we find "eco-fraud" gaining momentum in the markets today. So far, a CMA-coordinated global assessment of randomly chosen websites has discovered that 40% of green claims made online may be deceiving their customers.

Greenwashing and Eco-fraud

Some Greenwashing Case Studies

Unpacking Eco-friendly claims



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