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5 Essential Life Skills Children Must Develop To Succeed In Today's Competitive World.

Children are not born with the ability to make responsible choices. Life skills teach youngsters not only what to do in daily lives, but also how to develop sound judgments in much more complex and onerous scenarios. Working with children to inculcate some essential life skills prepares them to deal with peer influence and enables them to make wise decisions as they transition into adulthood.

Life skills extend way past opting for a degree in university or convincing a prospective boss in the near future. Through life skills, children learn to utilise crucial development means like rational thinking, self-reflective awareness, socializing, effective communication, and sensibly tackling situations in the absence of teachers or parents.

Benefits of Developing Life Skills

Instilling life skills improve an individual’s well-being and promote an optimistic attitude and exemplary behaviour. It specifically allows children to:

1) Discover new methods of rationalising and problem-solving.

2) Enhance confidence in their speaking abilities as well as their ability to work in a team.

3) Evaluate possibilities, make judgments, and comprehend why they chose what they did.

4) Assess the consequences of their choices and learn to accept accountability for them instead of blaming someone else.

5) Acquire a positive understanding and empathy for others.

The Essential Life Skills

Some of the key competencies that every child needs to develop to become successful in this competitive world include:-

1) Critical Thinking- Children are known to have inherent inquiring and inquisitive talents, and their desire to learn forms the basis for rational reflection. They can apply critical thinking to reach a conclusion, implement choices, analyse causes and consequences, consider contexts, and address problems. It guarantees that kids think logically no matter where they are at home, classroom, or at a playground.

2) Communication Skills- Effective communication skills are deemed necessary in today’s fast-paced world. They enable children to express themselves and articulate their emotions better. Such skills promote learning and the exchange of valuable information. It can also lead to an enhanced social IQ among children as they learn to form close relations with others.

3) Being Empathetic- Developing empathy encourages understanding and acceptance of others. It fosters a healthy psychological state, social harmony, sense of security, and reduces the chances of abuse or bullying.

4) Time-Management-Time management is a crucial skill that kids should master because it can allow them to form stronger positive perceptions of themselves, their family, and close ones. When they learn to manage their time efficiently, they develop a sense of achievement and expertise, which will eventually boost their self-esteem and confidence.

5) Organizational Skills- Getting the hang of organizational skills at a young age helps children to become more responsible, courteous, and honest individuals. It sets a routine for them so that they have a sense of control over their day-to-day lives and learn self-discipline.

Thus, children who successfully develop these relevant skills today will surely reap the benefits they entail in the future.

Written By-Reetika Bhatt


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