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Women on Track

With the commencement of the Tokyo Olympic Games, a new legion of women athletes has emerged. Since the first Olympic Games began, the number of women participating in the games have increased. With more women on the field, the number of events for women has also increased over the years.

Women from different walks of life are coming together to compete against each other. Some athletes are mothers, some are pregnant women among other competitors, indicating that physical strength is not an excuse to deter women from their goals of participating and winning at the Olympics.

Women this year are advocating for equality in the Olympic games as they participate in over 39 events. This year Lindsay Flach, an American athlete, qualified for the trials of the Olympics with an 18-month baby bump. Her zeal and determination is an inspiration to all women athletes. The above event shows that a woman, in any stage of her life has the competence and the chance to thrive at sport events.

However, we still cannot infer that equality prevails at the Olympic Games.

Discrimination is common when women and sports are in an equation. For instance, the National Olympic Committee sends fewer women for the matches as women athletes require a chaperone - unlike male participants. The media coverage for events where women athletes participate is also less as compared to men. Also, the events organised for women are far too less as compared to events in which men participate.

This year is significant as trans women will get an opportunity to participate in the Games. During the Tokyo Olympic Games, women will participate in skateboarding, softball and sports climbing events. Later during the winter Olympics in 2022, women will be able to participate in skiing events too.

Such developments are vital in accomplishing the agenda of equality and for empowering women. Equality on the sports field during the Olympics empower women to become better sportspersons and will lend them the impetus to excel in their sport events.

Written by Aastha Raisurana



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