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Covid 19 has changed the face of the world. It affects every sector like housing, medical, job, business, and education. Covid has a profound effect on the way of education like it was earlier. Due to lockdown, all schools, colleges, universities, and institutes were shut down, which forced students to continue their studies. They switched from offline to online studies, printed books to virtual or E-Books, offline classroom to online classroom and all these changes also affect children's mental state in one or another way. Here in this article, we'll discuss the physical and virtual modes of study during a lockdown and pre lockdown.

What is physical learning?

Physical learning is a traditional form of learning. It includes the physical interaction of students and teachers within a room. It consists of the physical connection of students, teachers and, peers of the classroom. Physical learning creates a positive and academic environment for students, which help them to keep motivated during their studies.

Advantages of physical learning

  1. Interaction is the key: physical classroom helps teacher and students interact during the discussion, which can lead to a clear understanding of a topic and help develop team building and team working skills teachers can pay attention to every child.

  2. Offline teaching allows teachers to be more accountable to the students. She can look after the growth of every student individually and personally pay attention to every child's problem also.

  3. Physical classes have a fixed schedule, so it helps children and teachers be more organized and maintain a routine. They also learn to prioritize their work. According to schedule, which makes them more productive

Disadvantages of physical learning

  1. To attend physical classes or regular classes, students need to travel to school, colleges, and universities, which consume more time. To attend physical classes, the students also need to carry heavy books, bags, or their study material on their own

  2. As physical classes are fixed, it might cause a problem for some jobs seekers to attend classes because they need to earn to support their families. The rigidity of the class schedule makes it impossible for people to handle their jobs and study tighter at the same time.


What is virtual learning?

Virtual learning is online learning which includes the virtual interaction of teachers and students. Virtual classes are conducted by video conferencing, online whiteboards, live chats, online quizzes, and polls. These all together form a virtual classroom

Advantages of virtual learning

  1. The Best benefits of virtual classes are that you can attend them from anywhere, anytime. You can take classes whenever you are free. Online classes do not have a fixed schedule, so it can be beneficial for job seekers.

  2. It saves travelling time and money. You can attend virtual classes from anywhere, so you don't need to travel anywhere; it will save you a lot of time and money that you can use in your further online teaching or lectures. Online lectures are also less expensive as compared to physical learning.

  3. You can record your lectures: Virtual classes are less flexible. It is not necessary to attend the classes in real-time as your lectures can be recorded so that you can have your lecture at a time suitable to you. And you can also listen to your lecture again and again till the concept is clear.

Disadvantages of virtual learning

  1. Technological failure: As many backward and poor children cannot access and afford phones, laptops, data packs, high- quality internet. Even some don't know to use technologies to have proper access to the online classroom. Sometimes due to low internet connection, online studies become impossible.

  2. Interaction is the key while learning, and if students doubt and problems remain uncleared, it will lead to problems in understanding the concept. In this way, virtual classes negatively impact the learning process.

So, physical and online both have their cons and pros, while in my opinion, physical classes are more suitable than virtual classes. Offline classes give motivation, intention, different ways to study. School days and college days are the days that are full of physical interaction. This interaction is important for a child's physical and mental development. This is the age where children learn many things from peers, people around them, teachers. While making them sit at home during these days will impact their growth for the future.


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