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The Intriguing Psychology Behind Sleep Cycle Of Children

Sleep is a crucial part of children's development phase. Sleep helps to attain overall mental and physical health in children.

Sleep time for children varies by their age. Children under one year of age sleep more than younger children. Infants should sleep between 13-17 hours per day, and younger children(1-3 years) should sleep between 10-13 years. The human brain has two types of sleep, and it stirs between these two types of sleep called:-

  1. REM(Rapid Eye Movement):-This sleep is salient for learning and memory enhancement. In this sleep, eyes move quickly under eyelids. Dreaming is a part of REM.

  2. Non-Rem (No Rapid eye movement):- This is also called deep sleep. In this stage of sleep, the human body releases hormones for the growth of the body.

And, these two stages make a sleep cycle. Children below one year sleep more in REM than Younger. And, as Children grow, sleep in REM decreases.

There can be various causes to reduce sleep in children. And, these sleep disorder makes an impact on psychological development on children. Parents should care about the sleep of children and continuously analyze the sleep of children.So that a child grows with overall development.

Tips to make a good sleep for children:-

  • Setting a bedtime for your children is good practice because it sets their biological clock to sleep at the appropriate time.

  • fewer interactions with electronic devices, These devices release blue-light and, it can affect the brain to delay sleep.

  • Drinking Beverages, Tea, Coffee can reduce the sleep of children. It Contains caffeine which makes it a more alert brain which can cause less sleep.


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