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How to make children happier, smarter and more independent.

Simple daily life practices and habits will help children to develop mentally, physically, and emotionally. Children are active most of the time. They are always playing, exploring, and learning. They never want to rest. However, a minimum eight-hour sleep is necessary for children to have proper health. Also, after having a proper amount of sleep, children will be more alert and ready to learn with a much happier attitude. A child’s brain is like a sponge ready to soak up everything they come across. Board games, building blocks, puzzles, and chess are just a few examples of games that help stimulate their minds and develop skills. Reading books, be it a picture book with illustrations or children’s stories, will one way or another help the child become smarter in terms of language, grammar, vocabulary, imagination, understanding, and more.

Whether it is organized sports or just playing around in a park, children need physical activity to stimulate their senses. This helps them have a happier mood throughout the day and it also helps them have higher self-esteem and confidence. Playing their share of the game also indulgence a sense of independence. Apart from all this, nutrition and health play an important role in the health and happiness of a child. Not having a proper intake of nutrition can also deplete the mental and physical growth of a child.

Having an optimistic mindset will altogether make children happier, smarter, and also independent. Assigning basic works like putting the used plates in the sink, brushing their teeth, doing their hair themselves, offering water or drinks to guests, keeping their belonging in place and et cetera imparts a sense of responsibility in children and they start to see themselves as an independent. Negotiating with children is another way to make them more independent. They get to put forth their opinions, ask for what they need, and compromise based on the outcome of the negotiation.

-Vaishnavi Preethi


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