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How to Handle Challenging Student Behaviour

I. The Basics

The most challenging part of a teaching career is learning to deal with the troublemakers of the class. Be it, students in primary school or high school, there are always a few appearing bothersome, albeit the resolve to each troublesome kind of student is variant. It is understandable that dealing with these issues might initially seem like a herculean task, but believe it or not, methods as simple as peaceful communication could fix the problem. Prior to looking at the array of techniques and tools at our disposal, I wish to etch the image of an ideal class for the readers.

An ideal classroom conducive to learning has a positive environment and premeditated set of goals that the students judiciously work towards. The teacher is expected to be organised in their manners of teaching, confident and self-assuring, and compassionate and empathetic. Students, especially of higher grades, are expected to be self-motivated, responsible, and respectful. Having looked at this, one should remember that an ideal class is hard to find. Every class has a couple of students that could be categorised as troublesome. However, in a classroom holding scope for change and improvement, the teacher and students combined play part in reaching the standards of an ideal class.

II. When Things Get Out of Hand

III. Dealing with Difficult SItuations

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