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How to build your resume from scratch

Are you looking for new jobs or internships? Are you worried your resume will be a detriment to your application? Well, we have got you all covered! Now learn how to submit well-written resumes for your very next career hunt.

First, let's start with clearing some ambiguities!


1. What are resumes?

A resume is, in short, a document that presents a person's background, say their degree, skills or achievements. It summarizes both professional and academic achievements to give your prospective employer a brief overview. Your goal is to provide information that will depict your abilities and convince your employer why you are fit for their post.

A general misinterpretation is that it provides a complete overview of a person's professional history. Well, it is not so exactly. While it allows for your interviewer with your past acquisitions, its main plan is to make the employers think that you are worth interviewing and, subsequently, hiring.

2. Differences between Resumes and CVs

3. How to write your resume: the dos and don'ts

4. Skills to include in a resume

5. Resume example

6. Bonus tips!


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