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How do children learn

Children learn in many different ways. The method of learning is completely different for children compared to that of adults. Children tend to discover and learn. They learn by listening, observing, reading, and experimenting. When a child develops an interest, he or she is motivated and engaged in learning. This is important when children start school.

An infant learns about the world through its senses. During the age of two to seven, the child develops the ability to think and analyze. During this time, they are mostly self-centered. After the age of seven or so, they begin to look outside themselves. During primary schooling, most children learn through play. It helps them have a balance between their school lessons and the routine. Children also learn through objects. For example, when playing with certain objects like a ball or building blocks, there is a lot of mind work to be used. At what speed, angle, or direction to throw the ball or observe and decide which block goes where based on its shape and size.

Children also learn a lot of life skills and social skills when they play among their classmates or friends. They learn to cooperate, communicate, and empathize with the other children. They also experience team playing and explore their abilities. And as they grow older, they become capable of being more responsible for their learning.

- Vaishnavi Preethi


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