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Good things vs Bad things a child should know

It is a better practice to impart good values in children from the early days of their lives. Giving minimum respect to the other person, behaving themselves in public, being friendly and kind to their friends or siblings, listening to their elders, eating healthy food, praying on a regular basis, realizing that they are unique and are perfect the way they are, and more. This adds value to their lives, maintains a positive environment around them, and lets them make the best out of any situation.

Also, it is equally important to let them know about a few bad things. For example, making them understand that not every person out there in the world is a good person. Making them aware that there is a possible danger around them and that they need to be cautious about it. It is important for children to know about the food and water scarcity in poor countries so that they learn the importance of what is provided to them. Every child needs to be aware of child molestation, explained about the crime, how to recognize the crime, and the actions to be followed in such a situation. These are a few bad things existing among us, and it is important for children to know and be aware of them.

As children grow up, they learn and discover things. They learn a lot about the world around them before learning matters of academia, during which they come across various facts and situations. However, not all the experiences are as pleasant as a child expects them to be. Few things they discover or experience might make them feel anxious, uncomfortable, or insecure and they need to be prepared to face them. That is why it is necessary that a child knows about good and bad things equally.

- Vaishnavi Preethi


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