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Entertainment, Entertainment, Entertainment

Alright, Alright, Alright. You know, cheering yourself up during a pandemic is the first thing you need to check in your to-do list. You know there is saying that the world is a stage and, the stage is a world of entertainment. Well, the world is closed for some days. So, what should we do now? It’s simple, we need to look for an in-house stage.

So, let’s start with the most common one i.e. binge-watching. Oh, wait for a second, I don’t think I need to elaborate on this category because I am in no mood to teach the fathers how to make babies. So, let’s jump onto things that would provide you the three things that you’re looking for. Entertainment, entertainment, and entertainment.

Playing with your hobbies will surely give you the fun you’re looking for. We all know it varies from people to people, so the very first thing we need to focus on is to find out the things we’re passionate about. For instance, some people love cooking. You can always give it a try because trust me, it’s a lot of fun when you’ve learned how to cook. Otherwise, it’s fun for only once.

Now, let’s talk about the people who are kind of secretive. Yes, I am talking about the people who love to read books. I think that they have the best hobby ever because they can entertain themselves anytime they want. They just need their book and a comfortable place to sit.

We definitely can’t ignore the gym-freaks or I would say the fitness-freaks. A healthy diet and some sort of workout are their two sources of entertainment which I believe is a necessity in today’s world. People need to maintain themselves physically. Apart from home workouts, they can involve themselves in Yoga or Pilates or any other refreshing activities.

We all know that mental wellbeing is as important as physical health. That’s where entertainment plays its role. Nowadays, people call it the need of the hour. It has a very simple rule; you need to follow what you love. And I think that the pandemic is the best time for the singers and dancers of our country to brush up their skills. And if you are an artist, don’t waste your time and start focusing on your art from today itself. Don’t limit yourself with portraits, start painting walls around the corner… of your house, and have some fun.

I talked a lot about hobbies, haven’t I? Do you know what else can be entertaining? An experiment with a new haircut. This part is my favorite. I love experimenting stuff on my hair.

You know sometimes playing puzzles with little kids itself creates an entertaining bubble around the house. If you love photography, what else could be a good idea than clicking pictures inside the house and showing off your creativity? Connecting with friends and family through video calls, playing online multiplayer games, making fun of each other even though you all are far from each other itself creates an entertainment zone.

Some people are lucky enough to get a job based on what they already like. So, they need to find something else you know to entertain themselves. How about starting to write your own diary? Trust me, it’s fun.

Some people entertain themselves by remaining active on social media. I know it’s a little toxic these days, but some people do some social work through social media as well. And yes, if you have a garden around your house, you can always engage yourself and have fun by planting seeds and decorating it.

Some people think that helping someone is itself an entertainment. I too didn’t believe it unless I tried it by myself. As we talked about cooking, one day, I decided to cook some extra food and share it with my society’s workers. I did this when I heard they could hardly manage meals for them. My enthusiasm, my fun, my entertainment reached a whole new level. Every hobby, every passion shared increase it’s fun. If you enjoy drawing, maybe you should teach other people. If you’re a fitness enthusiast, planning physical and mental health activities might help others. As I told you, there’s only one rule; just do what you love. And share it with others where possible.

In short, entertainment has no meaning. But the people will still seek for it in the world of a dictionary.

Written by Miten Shah

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