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Chronicles in the Life of a Housewife Freelancer

The life of a housewife starts before dawn and ends after dusk. Her life is a series of mini adventures where she takes care of her family day in and day out. At times she gets time to relax and there are times when she doesn’t. But nevertheless, she puts in her full effort everyday.

As she races against the clock to do her best for her family, her personal interests take a back seat. Sometimes her duty is so demanding that she gets to recollect her thoughts only at night. And then, there are times when her days are filled with empty hours. She sits on the couch tinkering about other ways to spend her time but every minute seems slow. In times like these, do women come up with extraordinary ideas and thoughts.

‘What if I start working as a content writer? What if I could secure a job for graphic designing?'

Under most cases, she will dismiss the thought after spending some futile minutes thinking. But what’s important is that she thinks about it again. Over and over. She will then decide to take action.

Many women think about working as freelancers to put to practice the things they love to do. But how many of them actually pursue it? Sometimes it's about taking the first step and being courageous, other times it's about allowing yourself the time to start doing things you love. Either way, freelancing is a way women can bring their thoughts and creativity into reality.

Here are top five reasons why housewives must take up freelancing jobs when possible for them:

1. Independence: A woman who earns for herself is also an independent woman. The income that freelancing jobs bring helps women to earn money despite the constraints of time and family duties. She learns to balance her time more efficiently by prioritising her time. Her commitment to her work remains unshakable as she voluntarily chooses to work. This causes her to remain true to her interest and she learns to overcome all obstacles in her life.

2. Growth Mindset: Often doing the same routine work can make a person redundant. Unintentionally many of us end up bolting the door of development and growth. Pursuing interests by working as a freelancer opens doors to opportunities in skill development and changes perspective in life. She will work to not only improve the quality of her work but also improve her efficiency in completing her work.

3. Confidence: When women give themselves the opportunity to excel and to pursue something they are passionate about, they gain confidence. When she does something she knows she is good at, her confidence in herself will increase.Also as a freelancer, she will work alone and will complete her tasks on her merit. She will be recognised for her work and will receive feedback on the same. This will improve her skills and also increase her confidence.

4. Exposure to different types of jobs: A housewife who chooses to freelance can choose to work for different projects in organisations of her choice. She will be able to build a strong portfolio for herself and will also gain insights into how the industry of her choice operates. Such knowledge will help her become the know it all in her line of work.

5. Flexibility: A freelancer gets to choose the hours of work they are willing to put in each day. They get to control the commitments they make to their clients. But, in cases of office jobs people cannot access such autonomy with ease. Housewives can adjust their schedules as per her convenience. This way she can accomplish both her household chores and her work within the same span 24 hours. Hardly does any other job offer such flexibility.

That’s all for the five reasons why housewives should begin to freelance.

Written by Aastha Raisurana



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