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10 Ways to Show Love and Support to Your Students

Students just adore their teachers. Each morning they look forward to meeting and greeting them. They are full of words of appreciation. ‘Mam, you look so pretty, ‘Mam, I enjoy you a lot in your class. Isn’t it amazing! Because when these words come from children, we know they coming straight from their hearts filled with purity and innocence.

Teachers, too, can make a massive difference in student’s life by showering love on them and supporting them every moment.

Let’s catch a glimpse!

1. Get to know them

Reach while you teach. Students are more than what they seem to be in the class. Day-to-day interactions and conversations can help teachers explore more about the child, unveiling the strategies teachers can use to bring out the best in each child.

2. Listen to them

Something that may seem very petty to adults may hold a lot of significance for a student. Lending them any ear every time is essential as this will also build a good relationship between the teacher and the taught.

3. Encourage them

Well done! Bravo! You can do it! Superb! are extremely powerful words that should be often used for students applauding them for their academic excellence and their little deeds of kindness, speaking politely, helping their peers, and sharing their things with others. This, in turn, will instil values in students, and they will understand how beautiful it is to be that one person who is making a difference in the world.


4. Help them when they need it

Give them the sense of security that we are there for them always. It will also inculcate in them the habit of helping others.

5. Be there for them

There may be times when children hold themselves back and feel uncomfortable sharing their thoughts and feelings. During the joyful moments or the moments when they seem to feel not so good, teachers must ensure to offer words of solace, encouragement and appreciation.

6. Give them space when they need it

Excess monitoring, instructing them perpetually, do this or do that, take away their independence. Let them be is an essential aspect of the growing-up years they deserve.

7. Respect them

Students should be treated as young adults, respecting them in terms of valuing their suggestions and ideas, giving them opportunities to plan the day etc. , makes them feel they are special and important.

8. Connect with them

Strengthening the bond between the teacher and the students is only possible when a connection is built with them. Regular interactions, discussions, and group activities where they get to express their emotions can definitely work wonders in fortifying the connection.

9. Appreciate them

Unconditional appreciation is the way forward. Appreciation should not be restricted to good grades, winning medals and trophies. Still, even when they falter or don’t do well, they must be geared up and appreciated for the minutest of efforts they make. This will teach them that winning or losing is a part of life. All they need to do is to keep making efforts and stand up every time they fall.

10. Show them, you care

Students have their own challenges. Maybe they fail to understand a specific concept or cannot regulate their emotions. As teachers, we must go all out to support them, showing our care and concern.


Let us reach out to them and raise strong, happy and confident beings.


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