I believe that we all should play a critically important role in reducing Infant Mortality Rate. I'm proud to be part of the CERDF Parents Academy.

CERDF Parents Academy - Infant

For many years, I was an active reader and hearer of the news. But, there came a time when I became so frustrated with the endless stream of bad news that I decided to contribute to society. I joined CERDF as volunteer. You can help a child by donating a small amount of money to save a child by education.

CERDF Parents Academy

We Childo Education Research and Development Foundation started a special initiative called “CERDF Parents Academy” to ensure newlyweds people know about prenatal care and by helping them to learn about nutrition, healthy eating, childbirth, childrearing methods, healthy exercises, hygiene, yoga, self-motivation, parental psychology, that ensures proper and healthy birth as well as child growth in future. Also, after birth, to help children learn independently to build a solid foundation of math, science, general knowledge, creativity, culture, DIY, and problem-solving by research-backed learning activities and methods. They are vital to child development. 

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